Our MissionMaking casual and professional gaming a fun space where people matter

Aura Fury is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in the state of Texas. We understand that people are who make a gaming community special and the place where you want to spend your free time. We want you to feel safe, accepted, and part of a community where you can both have fun in and relax after a long day.

Our community is made of folks that are from all around the world and speak multiple languages. They come from many walks of life, many different genders, sexual preferences, races, ages ranging mainly from 18 to over 70, and more! At Aura Fury we are all people, and we love the world.

We are involved in developing rules for future Esports competitions and plan to run Esports leagues in the future. We provide opportunities for individuals to improve their skills in gaming, learn how to do multiple tasks that surround Esports such as Esports casting, and provide educational resource for those seeking to learn more or find careers in Esports and gaming.

We are a community built around individuals seeking many goals. We support and help develop gaming content creators. We are building resources to help individuals seek careers in gaming/Esports and degrees/certifications from colleges. We are creating educational videos on inclusiveness, accepting others for who they are, sportsmanship, professions in the gaming industry, and more. We are doing what we can to help individual overcome barriers in the industry.

We currently run multiple baremetal servers and container boxes so at any given time we can be running from 5-10 game servers for casual and competitive players. We strive to ensure low lag and low downtimes on all our servers. Our game servers are, for the most part, casual play. We run contests and competitions outside of just Esports. Along with video games we dabble in Dungeons and Dragons and other tabletop games.

Our community is involved in developing and testing mods and mod packs for games. Some of the content has been published and some has been kept within the group. We have an active voice chat with diverse topics. There is always something to do in Aura Fury.

Aura Fury promises to never make our servers pay-to-win. We promise to keep worlds running on servers as long as there are still players on them given there are no technical issues or game changes that force it. Whenever a world is taken down, we promise to make the world files available for you to download. Aura Fury will always be here and has been for over 10 years.

What our Non-Profit is actively doing:

  • We provide a safe and inclusive space for individuals to game and socialize in. This has been of particular importance during the pandemic to provide for individuals’ needs to socialize and have fun while staying home. Even after the pandemic, for many the internet is the only outlet for individuals to meet this need and we aim to continue to provide this at zero cost to the user.
  • We teach inclusiveness and sportsmanship to people from a variety of ages and backgrounds through gaming events. Through education we are building more inclusiveness in video games and attacking the toxicity, discrimination, and sexism that exists in the gaming industry as a whole.
  • We provide a variety of ways for individuals to try new skills and gain experience in the gaming industry. Individuals can try out being a castor, learn how to run production on gaming events, learn and take part in event planning, management, programming, marketing, or play in tournaments. We are teaching others about possible educational paths you can seek out in college or possible careers in the gaming industry.
  • We produce an educational podcast that teaches inclusiveness, sportsmanship, the gaming industry, the challenges the LGBTQ+ community faces, game development/modding, mental health, content creation, Esports, opportunities in education and more.
  • We produce a series of educational documentary-quality videos called the Aura Fury Academy. These videos dive deeper into many of the subjects the podcast does and more. The videos are professional interviews of members of the gaming industry and community along with talking with individuals who have overcome or still are dealing with barriers in the gaming industry.
  • We provide technical and general assistance to content creators at a variety of levels of skill whether they are seeking to stay casual or make it their career. We are building a list of resources that include educational videos and websites along with license-free resources for music and graphics to help content creators reach their goals.
  • We plan to build a set of resources to teach others about the barriers and challenges being faced by women, minorities, the LGBTQ+ community, veterans, and those with disabilities in the gaming industry in general. Our hope is that through education we can build more acceptance in the gaming industry and break down the barriers that people face.
  • We will be attending conventions to spread awareness of the barriers faced by women, minorities, the LGBTQ+ community, veterans, and those with disabilities. We will be pushing the ideas of inclusiveness and sportsmanship. We will build more awareness of Aura Fury and its educational goals. We hope to take part in or run panels that will further the goals of Aura Fury while building more acceptance in the gaming industry.
  • We are seeking out other organizations that teach inclusiveness, sportsmanship and/or provide resources to women, minorities, the LGBTQ+ community, veterans, and those with disabilities in the gaming industry to partner with. We are also seeking organizations to run events with to provide more opportunities for individuals in Aura Fury to grow their skills in gaming, seek out careers, or have more opportunities to socialize and have fun.
  • We are developing another community called Community Connections to help build and teach communities’ owners and admins to be more inclusive in their communities, overcome technical issues that we run into running servers and events, and overall run better communities. In Community Connections we share ideas on how to grow communities, troubleshoot and share fixes for game servers, share how to install game servers on Linux and Windows, improve admining, tackle how to deal with individuals that are banned, build more accepting communities, and share useful resources.
  • Creating Esports tournaments and working partnering with higher education to create Esports teams, gaming clubs and foster gaming education

Goals of Aura Fury:

  1. Become the space people want to spend their free time, improve their gaming skills, make connections and friends while taking part in games and Esports


  1. Maintain and improve our community to where everyone can feel comfortable in casual gaming and esports regardless of whether you are from the LGBTQ+ community, your gender, race, disability, or background


  1. Teach good sportsmanship and push inclusiveness in our community, in Esport, and the gaming industry in general. We want to make this space a better place for everyone


  1. Help those who seek a profession in Esports or the gaming industry grow in the Aura Fury community and reach the resources they need to achieve their professional goals


  1. Create events that are fun, promote the goals of Aura Fury, and bring people together


  1. Grow connections with other communities, associations, companies and educational organizations to promote a better Esports and gaming industry environment


  1. Continue to run on a donation and sponsorship basis for running Aura Fury so that financial barriers are as low as possible for those who want to be a part of Aura Fury


  1. Provide ways for gaming and Esports content creators to improve their content, get involved in the community, provide resources, promote their content and encourage them to promote good sportsmanship and inclusiveness in their content


  1. Encourage involvement in things that surround gaming and Esports such as modding, game development, and art


  1. Help women, minorities, LGBTQ+, and those with disabilities overcome barriers they confront in Esports, the gaming industry and gaming in general


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