Aura Fury is proud to bring you InfiTech 2u: Fear the Night a Greg Tech balanced mod pack for Minecraft 1.7.10 featuring the most up to date version of GregTech 5u with a fully updated questing line.

This pack is for those who are looking for a challenge every step of the way in tech, magic, and adventuring. It feature a full length quest book that will guide through and reward you for completing quests.

Put together vast processing line and gather enormous amounts resources and actually have a use for them all. This pack has tons of end game content and intriguing multibocks. However, resource production and gathering isn’t all you’ll have to do. Explore the vast amounts of biomes, mobs, and dimensions including Twilight Forest and Space!

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The Aura Fury team would like to take a moment to say thank you to Jason McRay and the InfiTech team for creating the original InfiTech. We’d all like to thank Bloodasp and his time for his continued work on GregTech 5u and of course Greg himself for creating the Gregtech. We all appreciate the vast amount of work all of you have put into your mods/packs.

Check out the trailer here: