Aura Fury Inspirations Design Contest

• Each contestant may enter up to three entries for both categories
• One Prize per category, 25 dollar gift card to steam or the Aura Fury discord
• All contestants’ works will be futured on the Aura Fury website, socials and in a video
• All entries have a chance of being added to Tels’ bricklayer mod
• Contest runs from Nov. 26th to Dec. 31st on the Aura Fury Vintage Story server
• Judges Aledark, Ashantin and EconBrony

Free materials for making entries availiable at spawn!


Category 1 Shape: create one shape, consisting entirely of one color

• Color must be white, pale blue, pale green or pale red
• Must only be one color for the whole shape
• Dimensions must be either 1x1, 1x2, or 2x1 blocks
• Can be a decorative block such as trophies, furniture, plates, statues, etc
• Can be functional like containers, food storage, bowls or planters 


Category 2 Patterns: create a 2-dimensional, repeatable pattern that would look good on multiple items such as storage vessels, planters, etc

• Must consist of 2 different colors and a base color
• Background/Base color must be white, red, green, blue or yellow
• Pattern color may be blue, red, green, white or yellow
• Must be colored clay
• Bonus points will go to patterns that look good in multiple colors
• Does not need to be a clay formable design
• Max size 24x24 pixels; Min size 12x12 pixels


Completed works will be turned into EconBrony or Aledark