Mod Pack development has been a large part of Aura Fury since the beginning. We have modpacks for Minecraft and Ark currently. All of the Minecraft modpacks listed on this site are published either as a third party pack on Feed the Beast or as a public pack on the Twitch Launcher. Our ark modpacks are avaliable through Steam as a mod collection. There will more than likely be mod packs made eventually for Starbound, Vintage Story and Eco.

If you have any bugs to report for our modpacks please report them in their respective spot on our forums or in the bug report section of our discord (discord is for community members only currently).

To find out more about specific packs please click the links on the modpack drop down menu up top. Packs we have made for Minecraft include Fear the Night 2: GregTech Classic Edition, Infitech 2u: Fear the Night, Dark Moon, Chrome Prophecies, and PokeTech. All Minecraft packs can be downloaded on FTB and the Twitch Launcher. We have created a couple of packs that can be downloaded as off of Steam for Ark as well. We also upkeep a mod pack for the Vintage Story Aura Fury server.