These rules outline what is to be expected of both the tournament organizers and tournament participants.

The Aura Fury Overwatch Tournament Official Rules creates an agreement between all participants and Aura Fury. These rules contain a guide to the tournament, player/team eligibility, tournament structure, and general conduct. Every participant and tournament organizer is required to read, understand, and agree to these rules before joining the Aura Fury Overwatch Tournament in any capacity. 

These rules and all disputes that arise throughout the tournament are governed by the Aura Fury Board.

1 Agreement to Rules

1.1 Agreement - Each participant and staff member must agree to the official rules to participate in the Aura Fury Overwatch Tournament. One can accept these rules though the methods listed:
- Registering for the Aura Fury Overwatch Tournament 

- Participating in any match in the Aura Fury Overwatch Tournament

1.2 Changes and Enforcement of Rules - The rules will be updated as time goes on. The board and organizers will remain vigilant to necessary changes that could benefit the tournament. The board and tournament organizers amend these rules, as well as interpret them via announcements posted within the Aura Fury Discord. Participation in the tournament will be seen as compliance with any and all rule changes.

2 Players

2.1 Eligibility - A player must be:
            2.1.1 be in good standings with Blizzard and the Overwatch community.

            2.1.2 be over the age of 18 prior to the start date of the tournament (exceptions available upon review).

2.1.3 not be a professional Overwatch player, this includes Overwatch League and Overwatch Contenders.

2.1.4 not be on multiple rosters within the Aura Fury Overwatch Tournament.

2.1.5 agree to the official rules.

2.2 General Eligibility

2.2.1 Aura Fury will maintain the right to determine the eligibility of any and all participants. Participants acknowledge that the determination of Aura Fury is absolute and this status may change at any time.

2.2.2 Players must use an appropriate name during the competition. Tournament organizers reserve the right to restrict a player’s name at their discretion. 

2.3 Player Streaming

2.3.1 Players who are competing in a tournament match can stream their own gameplay with at least a 1-minute delay.

2.3.2 Team managers may record, not stream, each game at the discretion of the opposing team and tournament organizers. 

2.3.3 Tournament organizers maintain the right to refuse any and all recordings. Tournament organizers reserve the right to have these recordings deleted at any time.

3 Teams

3.1 Team Registration

3.1.1 Teams must have at least 6 players on their roster before Team Registration closes. 

3.1.2 Team Rosters lock 24 hours before the first match of the tournament.

3.1.3 Teams can invite eligible free agents to join their team at any time before the tournament.

3.2 Team Captain

            3.2.1 Teams must choose a Team Captain before the start of the tournament. The captain will be the main contact between the team and tournament organizers.

            3.2.2 Captains manage their team’s roster and are the only players permitted to add/remove players from the team.

3.3 Roster Requirements

            3.3.1 Each team must maintain 5 to 8 Active Players on their team roster. These players can participate in tournament matches.

            3.3.2 Players listed as “Inactive” on their roster, or any players not listed as Active Players, cannot play in any tournament matches.

            3.3.3 It is the responsibility of both teams to check player eligibility before the start of play. Teams who play with ineligible rosters may receive a penalty pending tournament organizers ruling. 

            3.3.4 Teams can substitute Active Payers between maps.

            3.3.5 Team Staff can choose to be on the Active Players list.

            3.3.6 Team Staff cannot spectate matches unless given written permission by both Team Captains before the start of the match.

4 Structure and Schedule

4.1 Format

            4.1.1 Teams will play a best-of-5 maps match. Double Elimination style bracket. The final match will be a best of 7.

4.2 Maps

            4.2.1 Each match will include the following game modes Control / Push / Hybrid / Escort / Control


4.3.1 The left team must pick the first map and host the lobby.

            4.3.2 The losing team from each map will pick the subsequent map. The winning team from each map will pick the side they play on for the subsequent map.

            4.3.3 Maps are removed from the available pool after being played in the match.

            4.3.4 The Map Pool will consist of every map available in the current season of Competitive Play on the Overwatch 2 live servers at the time of the match.

4.4 Tournament Structure

4.4.1 All teams will be randomly seeded and matched against another team for the first round of matches.

4.4.2 All remaining matches will be decided by your progression into the upper bracket/lower bracket.

4.4.3 Teams who forfeit their match will receive a 0-3 match loss.

4.4.4 Matches will be posted as they are decided within the bracket.

            4.4.5 The tournament will start at 12:30pm EST, check discord/website for dates.

            4.4.6 All results and disputes should be sent to an active tournament organizer immediately.

            4.4.7 Proof of results are required in case of disputes. Use of screenshots or recorded video as evidence is recommended.

            4.4.8 Notify a tournament organizer before the start-of-play for all roster and game setting disputes. Contacting an organizer after a game has already been agreed upon and played by both teams may result in staying as the game of record, regardless of correct or incorrect game settings, at the tournament organizers’ discretion.

 5 Rules and Setting

5.1 Rule Enforcement

            5.1.1 All rules are open to interpretation by the tournament organizers, who will have final say on any rulings.

            5.1.2 Rules may be changed at any time.

5.2 Match Reporting

            5.2.1 Team captains must report their team’s results of each match.

5.3 Game Creation and Settings

            5.3.1 Team captains will be responsible for inviting their team’s members.

            5.3.2 The code 5HAK0 will be used during all matches. 

            5.3.3 Games must be played on the US Central game server. If both teams decide that another server is more favorable, a swap can be made.

5.4 Pauses and Restarts

            5.4.1 Each team is allowed up to 10 minutes of pause time per map for a total of 2 maps.

            5.4.2 Pauses can only be used for emergencies or player disconnects.

            5.4.3 Pauses used to contact tournament organizers for disputes will not be counted against allotted pause time.

            5.4.4 Games must start within 10 minutes of the scheduled start time.

            5.4.5 After the pause time allotted is used, that team must forfeit or continue play.

            5.4.6 In the case of server crash, incorrect game settings, or other unforeseen circumstances an organizer may call for a game restart.

6 Spectators

6.1 Spectators are allowed in matches if both teams agree before the start of play.

6.2 Tournament organizers are permitted to join and spectate at any time.

6.3 Spectators can stream matches as long as a Blizzard run live stream is not currently live.

            6.3.1 Tournament organizers have the right to revoke an individual's privilege of streaming matches.

            6.3.2 When streaming, please include “Aura Fury Overwatch Tournament” in the stream title.

            6.3.3 The team captain is responsible for notifying a tournament organizer when streaming any tournament matches.

7 Player Conduct

7.1 Players and teams are responsible for reporting any misconduct, unsportsmanlike behavior, cheating, or other disruptive behavior to tournament organizers.

7.2 Teams are expected to play at their best at all points during the tournament. Collusion, hacking, exploiting, ringing, intentional disconnection, or other cheating methods will result in disqualification and a ban on that team and its players.

7.3 A player may not use language that is obscene, foul, vulgar, insulting, threatening, abusive, defamatory, slanderous, or otherwise offensive. Players may not promote or incite hatred of discrimination during the event.

7.4 Players may not take action or perform any gesture directed at another player, official, fan, or any other party that is disruptive, abusive, or insulting.

7.5 Penalties

            7.5.1 Verbal Warnings

            7.5.2 Loss of Side Selection

            7.5.3 Map Forfeiture

            7.5.4 Match Forfeiture

            7.5.5 Suspension

            7.5.6 Disqualification

            7.5.7 Ban