We specialize in providing multiple opportunities for people to both play on Esports teams and be involved in opportunities that involve everything surrounding Esports. Ever wanted to help develop leagues, competitive rules, be a producer, run cameras in games, play in leagues/tournaments, be an Esports Caster, and program mods? Aura Fury provides opportunities that cross multiple fields to have fun and improve your skills in the Esports field. We are currently building resources to help the many individuals in our community reach their many different goals.

Aura Fury is doing the following in Esports:

  • Helping Community Colleges create gaming clubs and Esports teams
  • Preparing to enter into new games that will be entering the Esports space such as Gundam Evolution
  • Helping develop brand new competitive rules and leagues for indie games while working with the developers of those games
  • Developing content creators, Esports casting teams, and podcast
  • Providing resources for those who seek to improve their gaming skills
  • Providing resources for those seeking a career in Esports
  • Helping individuals overcome barriers they may encounter
  • Developing free educational videos for individuals in Esports
  • Education and building Esports teams around inclusiveness and sportsmanship
  • Helping higher education develop Esports teams, gaming clubs, and educational programs

In the future Aura Fury will run leagues of its own too. Have an Esports team that needs a home to support and grow? Consider applying to join Aura Fury.